Traditionally, many organisations have at times, brought in external facilitators when needed to support the impact of leadership offsites that often involve discussions around important strategic planning and change issues. Over the years, we have done a lot of this work with various organisations in different industries including technology, finance and professional services. More organisations and teams are now working in a hybrid manner combining working from home and being in the office. With this way of working, leaders are not only seeing the importance of getting their teams together in person at specific offsites but they are also looking at increasing impact from these offsites. We are now partnering with leaders and teams to make the experience of a leadership offsite significantly more engaging, enjoyable and impactful through innovative offsite design, integration of immersive experiences and taking in some of the magical locations and offerings that the beautiful fishing village of Kinsale has to offer.

“Paul Gleeson is a master facilitator and a partner of the highest quality.  His capability, understanding, empathy, and skill in driving teams to high performance is amazing to watch.  I’ve seen him at work with the top levels of organizations in their most critical work.  His methods, demeanor, humor, and positivity differentiate him in how he drives results and productivity for teams.  His ability to tap into his own experience, tell stories, share content depth in grit and psychology research, and deeply know how to regulate the emotions of teams and individuals working on their toughest business challenges is really at the core of who he is and what he is passionate about.  He is by far one of the best partners we work with at Peak Teams/The AIP Group.” – Amy Posey, CEO Peak Teams / AIP Group