I am very fortunate to be able to partner and collaborate with some exceptionally experienced and talented people who are also incredible human beings.

Below the Line

Below the line is a team of development professionals with an extensive background and first hand experience in running organisations, building high performing teams, working with national and international sportspeople, individual and team coaching, holistic nutrition and wellbeing as well as adventure immersive retreats. More information on our team can be found on

The AIP Group

On my 2013 rowing expedition through the North West Passage in the Canadian High Arctic, I randomly met two fellow adventurers undertaking a similar trip, who worked with a company in the US called The AIP Group (formerly Peak Teams). Built on the premise of adventures inspiring performance, AIP uses immersive learning adventure simulations together with neuroscience based skill development modules to evolve team performance, build essential leadership skills and improve the quality of leadership behaviour in organisations all over the world. More information on our team can be found here –

Colette Cahalane

Colette is an experienced coach, facilitator and leadership development professional who works with individuals and teams to support meaningful and lasting change. Passionate about transformational learning and growth, Colette’s approach is very multidimensional and has been built on over 13 years’ multinational experience coupled with professional training both here in Ireland and overseas. Her extensive training includes executive and team coaching, psychology, leadership and development programme design, somatic coaching and bodywork, integral facilitation as well as yoga and meditation.